Treat a Telephone interview like any other interview

You need to do as much preparation for a telephone interview as you would for a face to face interview – take a look at our “Interview tips” article for help with preparing for an interview. Remember the best thing about having a telephone interview is that you can have notes without the interviewer knowing. Have a copy of your CV and the job description to hand as well as a pen and pad with some questions that you would like to ask. On the job description make notes against each point to use as a prompt. If you use your notes, be careful not to quote them like you’re reading from a script, use them as a prompt only.

Pick the right place for the call

Picking the right place is one of the most important parts of a telephone interview. Don’t pick a noisy environment where all the interviewer will here is the background noise. Pick a quiet room at home, where you are not going to be interrupted.

Speak Clearly and Confidently

During a telephone interview, how you answer your questions is as important as what you say. Don’t speak too fast, too quietly or get lazy with your pronunciation, as half of the interview will then be taken up with the employer asking you to repeat yourself.


Listening during the interview is as important as how you answer the questions. Be careful not to interrupt or talk over them.

Stand up and walk around

You might think this sounds silly but walking around and talking naturally will help you to speak more confidentially and clearly.

End the call well

Before ending the call, make sure that you are aware of what the next steps in their recruitment process is, e.g. how long will it be before you hear from them. Ensure you thank them for their time and say that you look forward to hearing from them.