If you are wondering if you need a cover letter for you CV the answer is a huge YES!

Why do i need a cover letter?

With competition being tough for job vacancies and employers receiving dozens of CV’s for their current vacancies, they look at your cover letter, what you have written and the way you have written it, to give them a clue as to whether your CV is worth sort listing. So your cover letter is in fact the first piece of information used and can get your CV noticed.

What makes a good cover letter?

Your cover letter should be short, no more than two paragraphs, and to the point and used to explain why you are applying for the job. Use your cover letter to point out to the employer things in your CV which are relevant to the role eg qualifications, experience. Show you know what the job involves and what they are looking for in an employee.

Your letter will need to convince an employer that you want the job and that you’re the best person for it. Don’t just repeat what’s in your CV, when writing your letter treat it like you are having a conversation with the employer, and telling them why you are the right person for this role.

Remember everything you write in your CV should relate directly to the job you are applying for, always write a new cover letter for each job you go for otherwise it will sound too generic and not relate directly to the current role.

Don’t forget to check your grammar and spelling and it’s always a good idea to get someone else to read through your letter first.